The history of the Department of Industrial Management has been marching toward 22 years. We have a good and strong faculty and state-of-art teaching equipment. In order to contribute to the development of industrial management field, the whole faculty is actively involved in research.


At present, most of the research projects are granted from the Ministry of Science and Technology, and there are also some from the government or private companies. The faculty published and presented their academic works in international journals and conferences. The fruitful research results are recognized by the international academic communities and the reputation is well-known among the peer.


The research field of industrial management is in a wide variety. Right now, based on the research trends in the future, there are three research and development groups in the department, which are "Operations Management," "Decision Management" and "Human-centered Management."


Research areas and development priorities of the department are as follows:

Research areas

Related courses

Manufacturing and Quality Management Field

Managerial Mathematics, Statistics (I) (II), Introduction to Computer Science, Computer Graphics, Manufacturing Process, Work Study Practice, Operations Management, Quality Management, Experimental Design, Quality Control Practice, Workshop Practice, Taguchi Quality Engineering, Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture, Independent Study (I)(II)

Information and Automation Field

Introduction to Computer and Information System, Computer Graphics, Computer Programming, Internet and Intranet Application, Database Management, Information Management, Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture, Business Automation, Neural Networks, Systems Simulation, Technical Presentation Practice, Independent Study (I)(II)

Production and Operations Management


Introduction to Industrial Management, Introduction to Computer and Information System, Computer Programming, Computer Graphics, Managerial Mathematics, Operating Research, Manufacturing Process, CAD/CAM, Operations Management, Quality Management, Material Management, Systems Simulation, Industry, Safety and Health, Industrial Psychology, Workshop Practice, Work Study Practice, Practice for ISO Quality Assurance, Independent Study (I)(II)

Ergonomics Field

Ergonomics, Human / Machine Interface, Industry Safety and Health, Industrial Psychology, Independent Study (I)(II)

Organizational and Human Resource Management Field


Introduction to Industrial Management, Introduction to Computer and Information System, Introduction to Business, Management, Industrial Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Operations Management, Financial Management, The Management of Human Resources, Material Management, Marketing Management, Quality Management, Service Operation Management, Independent Study (I)(II), Enterprise Diagnosis, Strategic Management

Financial Economics Field

Economics (I)(II), Engineering Economy, Introduction to Business, Management, Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviors, Accounting, Investment Management, Financial Management, Independent Study (I)(II)